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Happy Birthday, Jenna!


On this beautiful day 34 years ago our delightful office coordinator Jenna Esquer was born.  A short 17 years later she began working with us as a dental assistant, ultimately developing into an office coordinating role after years of hard work and dedication.  We count our lucky stars everyday for the time and effort Jenna puts in to keep the office up and running.  Happy Birthday, Jenna!  Thank you for everything you do.

– The Team at Fabozzi Dental

The Twelves

ThePrizeIn our office, we say Karen is a 10. We say Liz is a 10, Carol is a 10, Jenna is a 10. Terry, Emilio, and all – 10 10 10. We walk like 10’s, we talk like 10’s, because it feels 10 to spend the day among all those 10’s.

This week at Fabozzi Dental we could not be more grateful to say that on top of all our 10’s we have a pair of 12’s.

We couldn’t be more honored and excited for Sandy and Joann who arrived at work on Monday newly minted veterans of the one and only “Stadium to the Sea” 2016 Los Angeles Marathon.

Their past year’s resolution grew into a revolution almost as soon as the training began. Through the heat of the summer Joann and Sandy kept plugging away as all of us cheered their enthusiasm and dedication with utter fascination.

These two personify ‘the real deal’!


WinnersAnd this Valentines day they went and DID IT. Finishing their first ever marathon and, sharing the fruit of their heartfelt motivation with our office, inspiring more of us to join them next year.

Congratulations you two. And THANK YOU for possessing heart and soul and tenacity, and for the inspiration you shared!!

Let’s hear it for our Twelves!!

Remember Ruth

ruth-landryObviously, the whole world is still attempting to wrap its head around the sudden loss of a comic genius. The tributes rolling in for Robin Williams are touching. Everyone who had met him has spoken of his generosity, his selflessness and his true talent. Fabozzi Family Dental mourns with the country for that loss as well as a loss of our own.

Ruth Landry, our “Ruthie,” passed away yesterday. She was not a comic genius. But, she WAS generous and kind. She WAS happy and accepting. She DID laugh and play. She was a bright light in our office for 14 years. Beyond that, she was family. Ruth never missed a baby shower or birthday party. She routinely brought in all sorts of baked goodies, though my mom will forever long for what she called the “most amazing” deviled eggs she’d ever tasted. Ruth worked hard, right up until two years ago when she finally retired… a long deserved bit of relaxation.

She loved her family… a daughter and two grandkids in Texas, a son in San Francisco and a son in Oregon where she moved two years ago. She loved her patients. She loved Fabozzi Family Dental and we all loved her.

Gone, but not forgotten, Ruthie… rest in peace.

Thoughts on the Tooth Fairy

child-with-missing-tooth-e1405756958391The tooth fairy may send me into bankruptcy. Or, rather, trying to “keep up with the joneses” may make me destitute. Do you know how much she’s handing out for teeth these days? On average, $3.70 per tooth. Again, that’s on AVERAGE. And, it’s up a whopping 23% in the last year. I wish I had her job! I got a 4% raise and thought I was rolling in dough!

I only know how much the tooth fairy hands out because my son finally lost his first tooth a while back. Well, actually, Papa, Dr. Fabozzi, had to yank it because the adult teeth would not wait for the others to finally fall out. He was a big boy and barely winced. It felt like that tooth HAD to be worth more, right?

I asked around and you won’t believe the responses I got. Parents talked about putting $20 under the pillow. $20? REALLY!!?? I could finance his college education by the time he was done losing teeth. I was surely not going to give him $20. But, that presents another conundrum… when he went to school and talked to his classmates about how much his tooth fairy left, if it was a lot less, would that make him feel bad? How do you explain that? Your tooth fairy is cheap? I certainly didn’t want that. But, I also feared becoming one of those parents who tells her kids, “When I was your age I got a penny and loved it.” (I didn’t, my folks are very generous and kind).

What to do?

I consider myself a pretty creative person but I did not have time to sew a tooth pillow and write a letter and sprinkle it with fairy dust and get special items or coins. I settled on a $5 bill. But, now I wonder, do I have to do that for every tooth? Where does it end?

I’d love to know what you do and how you explain the tooth fairy differences. Feel free to comment below. I could use a little help!

What a Difference Whiter Teeth Can Make

I dread summer. I am not thin, never have been, and likely never will be. That’s ok, I’ve come to terms with my body. But, with summer breathing down my neck, it means bathing suit shopping. YIKES! I try to avoid bathing suits at all costs. If we are invited to a pool party, I find excuses as to why I can’t go and instead send my husband. But, inevitably, my avoidance can only go so far. Yes, I could and do work at looking better in a suit, just as I could and do work on my smile.

As I’ve said before, I live in looks obsessed LA. And, it always boggles my mind when I see a gorgeous woman or man, so well put together, clearly toned and confident, with terrible teeth. Crooked teeth, yellow teeth… I think that’s just as unattractive as I likely look in a bathing suit.

It’s unbelievable how much improving your smile improves everything else. There are countless websites and pictures out there that show the before and after shots. This is just one:


Who wouldn’t want to look like Demi Moore? I would! But, seeing this makes me want to be her in the after photo much more than the before. What a difference a change in her teeth makes in her appearance. Whiter teeth make a huge difference.

Again, I know we are all just trying to make ends meet and there is not a lot of extra cash to go around. But, believe it or not, teeth whitening is absolutely doable in your budget. I ask my dad this question all the time… what is the difference of going to the dentist versus using over the counter whiteners? It’s simple, the percentage of whitening agent and hence the time it takes to get to the healthy, gorgeous smile you always envisioned. I’m an instant gratification sort of person. So, going to the office for custom trays and starting there works best for me. That way, when the next pool party invitation comes around, I can be confident in knowing there’s a good chance everyone will stare at my spectacular smile instead of the tummy and thighs that have birthed two babies. A girl’s gotta dream, right?

Hey, I am not the expert here. But, I know you probably have a ton of questions about how whitening works, what to expect, etc. Click on “Ask the Dentists.” Dr. Fabozzi or Dr. Winter would be happy to get back to you with specifics.

Better yet, if you are all set to go and ready for your spectacular summer smile, mention this blog post when you schedule your appointment at Fabozzi Dental and get 20% off. Yes, we want to help you pinch your pennies too!

Can Technology Compensate for Poor Brushing Technique?

The latest and greatest in new dental technology is now a toothbrush that syncs with Bluetooth to wirelessly record when you brush, how long you brush, and how vigorously and completely. And, if that’s not enough, it can, if you want it to, send that info to your dentist.

I’ll speak for the doctors and say they don’t have the patience or desire to get daily updates on your brushing habits.

But, that was not actually my first thought about the Big Brother toothbrush. Instead, I focused not on whether my brushing habits were up to snuff, but how I might beat the system. Come on, you know you were thinking it too! Because, most of us know (dentist’s daughter or not) that we probably are not doing a good enough job in the oral health care department. I struggle with it and my kids definitely struggle with it. The fact of the matter is… that struggle is likely because most people just don’t know HOW to do it right.

Funny enough, in talking to my husband about the topic, his first reply was, “I learned how from sesame street.” This is the latest version from the furry friends and not the version my hubby watched as a child, but it serves the same purpose for a new generation.

So, brush, brushy-brush your teeth or whatever works for you. To learn more about proper tooth brushing techniques, please visit:

And, you can always “Ask the Dentists.” I don’t claim to be an expert. I just talk about what relates to or interests me and hopefully YOU. But, if you have a question that Dr. Fabozzi or Dr. Winter can answer… ask away. They’ll get back to you with the specifics ASAP.

No Regrets – A Father’s Wisdom

With Father’s Day upon us, I got to thinking how in the heck can I tie in a dental blog with Father’s Day? Well, it helps when your dad is the dentist. And, it certainly helps when he’s built a practice that revolves around family. It’s cliché to say, but my dad is the best. He has led by example, both at work and at home.

What you may not know about my dad is that aside from being a great dentist he is also a great artist, scholar, author and athlete. He could’ve done a number of things in life, but he chose dentistry so he could support a family. And, I don’t believe he has regretted one minute of it. He is always supportive, always empathetic, always involved. Despite 6 day work weeks in the beginning and STILL 10-12 hour work days, he managed to see every volleyball, soccer and basketball game; every graduation, speech, play or other activity that was important to us kids. He truly wanted to know all about our lives. In fact, when I went 3,000 miles away to college he wrote me a letter every week of my freshman year.


You can see, I’ve kept those letters. But, a quote he sent along with one has stayed with me all this time…

“May your path of regret grow dense with weeds for your lack of passage there.”

I love that quote. I love that my dad lived it and encouraged us to do the same. I love that he has a passion for what he does and a passion for putting family first. You, too, can be a part of the Fabozzi Family. Just head on over to Fabozzi Dental. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Coffee and Dental Hygiene


My morning cup of coffee is essential to my day. And, my afternoon cup. And, my evening cup. And, (don’t tell my husband), my after lunch but before dinner cup. It honestly makes me a nicer person. Yes, it breaks the budget (because I’m not a black coffee brewed at home sort of person). But, it also keeps me sane. I work in the high stress world of TV news, so I don’t know anyone who is NOT sustained by coffee. And, now that I am home with the kids, I am even more perplexed by those who don’t drink coffee all day every day.

But, I also live in “looks obsessed” LA. So, white teeth (and botox) are sort of de rigueur. I went straight to the source. My dad! (and dentist). Turns out (like everything) it’s all about moderation. I should probably stop lying and seriously cut back to two cups a day. And, I should enjoy those cups WHILE I’m eating. Food helps neutralize the acids in that coffee or tea or soda. Yep, it’s the acid and not the sugar doing the most damage.

Yay! I now have an excuse for consuming one of those yummy Starbucks pastries while I enjoy my coffee. (As long as you don’t tell my calorie counter)

Though …of course… it’s never that easy.

There are 7 specific foods and drinks that are the worst for your teeth over the long run. Coffee is on the list as are: dried fruits, sugary drinks, hard candies, alcohol, citrus/acidic foods, and starchy foods.

As with anything, it’s about moderation and keeping a toothbrush nearby!

Pacifiers – Are They Good or Bad?


Pacifiers are a pretty controversial issue. I do NOT have an opinion on them. Neither do Dr. Fabozzi or Dr. Winter. Fabozzi Dental is pretty much a “no judgment” zone. We are here to help. And, thankfully, the best piece of advice my parents gave me when I became a new mom was that whatever I chose was the right answer for my kids. Mother DOES know best. So, I am not about to tell you if your child should or should not have a pacifier or a bottle or for how long. Only YOU can make that decision. But, I was fascinated by a set of stories I recently came across.

When you become a parent, things that may have grossed you out before become old hat. And, scenes from movies and TV shows make sense for the first time. I recently saw a scene from the new NBC TV show, “About A Boy,” in which a dad cleans his baby’s pacifier by sucking on it, and his childless friend is disgusted by it.

OK, what parent out there has not done that? But, as with most parenting conundrums, the question becomes, is that the right move? I’m guessing you do what the rest of us do and you “google” the topic only to become inundated with all sorts of information.

Consider this – just last year the American Academy of Pediatrics released a study suggesting that parents who suck on their child’s pacifier to clean it before they pop it in baby’s mouth are helping to boost their little immune systems. The study basically encouraged the practice, saying researchers found doing that reduced the risk of children developing asthma and eczema. I read that and just about ran around the house licking anything that was going to go in my children’s mouths. (Cut me some slack. Remember what I said about no boundaries or gross out factor when kids come into the picture?)

But, the American Dental Association said, “hold your horses!” Doing that also means parents may be transferring the bacteria that causes cavities and down the line possible tooth decay. In other words, cavities can be contagious, sort of.

And, as we said in previous blog posts, oral health care is as important to keeping you healthy overall as any other care.

So, what’s a mom to do? I think you trust your gut. YOU know the answer. And, honestly, sometimes, there is no other choice.

I once took a 6 hour plane flight with my then 6 month old son. I brought 5 diapers on board and two sets of clothes. Wouldn’t you know, that’s the time he started having tummy trouble. Needless to say, he used all of the diapers and extra clothes. Since there is no grocery store at 30,000 feet, we had no choice but to wrap him in paper towels and blankets. Not the most sanitary of options, but it worked in that pinch.

In your pinch… suck on the pacifier to clean it off. Or, don’t. Mommy knows best. But, you already knew that!

And, you can always “Ask the Dentists.” I don’t claim to be an expert. I just talk about what relates to or interests me and hopefully YOU. But, if you have a question that Dr. Fabozzi or Dr. Winter can answer… ask away. They’ll get back to you with the specifics ASAP.