Can Technology Compensate for Poor Brushing Technique?

The latest and greatest in new dental technology is now a toothbrush that syncs with Bluetooth to wirelessly record when you brush, how long you brush, and how vigorously and completely. And, if that’s not enough, it can, if you want it to, send that info to your dentist.

I’ll speak for the doctors and say they don’t have the patience or desire to get daily updates on your brushing habits.

But, that was not actually my first thought about the Big Brother toothbrush. Instead, I focused not on whether my brushing habits were up to snuff, but how I might beat the system. Come on, you know you were thinking it too! Because, most of us know (dentist’s daughter or not) that we probably are not doing a good enough job in the oral health care department. I struggle with it and my kids definitely struggle with it. The fact of the matter is… that struggle is likely because most people just don’t know HOW to do it right.

Funny enough, in talking to my husband about the topic, his first reply was, “I learned how from sesame street.” This is the latest version from the furry friends and not the version my hubby watched as a child, but it serves the same purpose for a new generation.

So, brush, brushy-brush your teeth or whatever works for you. To learn more about proper tooth brushing techniques, please visit:

And, you can always “Ask the Dentists.” I don’t claim to be an expert. I just talk about what relates to or interests me and hopefully YOU. But, if you have a question that Dr. Fabozzi or Dr. Winter can answer… ask away. They’ll get back to you with the specifics ASAP.