What a Difference Whiter Teeth Can Make

I dread summer. I am not thin, never have been, and likely never will be. That’s ok, I’ve come to terms with my body. But, with summer breathing down my neck, it means bathing suit shopping. YIKES! I try to avoid bathing suits at all costs. If we are invited to a pool party, I find excuses as to why I can’t go and instead send my husband. But, inevitably, my avoidance can only go so far. Yes, I could and do work at looking better in a suit, just as I could and do work on my smile.

As I’ve said before, I live in looks obsessed LA. And, it always boggles my mind when I see a gorgeous woman or man, so well put together, clearly toned and confident, with terrible teeth. Crooked teeth, yellow teeth… I think that’s just as unattractive as I likely look in a bathing suit.

It’s unbelievable how much improving your smile improves everything else. There are countless websites and pictures out there that show the before and after shots. This is just one:


Who wouldn’t want to look like Demi Moore? I would! But, seeing this makes me want to be her in the after photo much more than the before. What a difference a change in her teeth makes in her appearance. Whiter teeth make a huge difference.

Again, I know we are all just trying to make ends meet and there is not a lot of extra cash to go around. But, believe it or not, teeth whitening is absolutely doable in your budget. I ask my dad this question all the time… what is the difference of going to the dentist versus using over the counter whiteners? It’s simple, the percentage of whitening agent and hence the time it takes to get to the healthy, gorgeous smile you always envisioned. I’m an instant gratification sort of person. So, going to the office for custom trays and starting there works best for me. That way, when the next pool party invitation comes around, I can be confident in knowing there’s a good chance everyone will stare at my spectacular smile instead of the tummy and thighs that have birthed two babies. A girl’s gotta dream, right?

Hey, I am not the expert here. But, I know you probably have a ton of questions about how whitening works, what to expect, etc. Click on “Ask the Dentists.” Dr. Fabozzi or Dr. Winter would be happy to get back to you with specifics.

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