Coffee and Dental Hygiene


My morning cup of coffee is essential to my day. And, my afternoon cup. And, my evening cup. And, (don’t tell my husband), my after lunch but before dinner cup. It honestly makes me a nicer person. Yes, it breaks the budget (because I’m not a black coffee brewed at home sort of person). But, it also keeps me sane. I work in the high stress world of TV news, so I don’t know anyone who is NOT sustained by coffee. And, now that I am home with the kids, I am even more perplexed by those who don’t drink coffee all day every day.

But, I also live in “looks obsessed” LA. So, white teeth (and botox) are sort of de rigueur. I went straight to the source. My dad! (and dentist). Turns out (like everything) it’s all about moderation. I should probably stop lying and seriously cut back to two cups a day. And, I should enjoy those cups WHILE I’m eating. Food helps neutralize the acids in that coffee or tea or soda. Yep, it’s the acid and not the sugar doing the most damage.

Yay! I now have an excuse for consuming one of those yummy Starbucks pastries while I enjoy my coffee. (As long as you don’t tell my calorie counter)

Though …of course… it’s never that easy.

There are 7 specific foods and drinks that are the worst for your teeth over the long run. Coffee is on the list as are: dried fruits, sugary drinks, hard candies, alcohol, citrus/acidic foods, and starchy foods.

As with anything, it’s about moderation and keeping a toothbrush nearby!