The Twelves

ThePrizeIn our office, we say Karen is a 10. We say Liz is a 10, Carol is a 10, Jenna is a 10. Terry, Emilio, and all – 10 10 10. We walk like 10’s, we talk like 10’s, because it feels 10 to spend the day among all those 10’s.

This week at Fabozzi Dental we could not be more grateful to say that on top of all our 10’s we have a pair of 12’s.

We couldn’t be more honored and excited for Sandy and Joann who arrived at work on Monday newly minted veterans of the one and only “Stadium to the Sea” 2016 Los Angeles Marathon.

Their past year’s resolution grew into a revolution almost as soon as the training began. Through the heat of the summer Joann and Sandy kept plugging away as all of us cheered their enthusiasm and dedication with utter fascination.

These two personify ‘the real deal’!


WinnersAnd this Valentines day they went and DID IT. Finishing their first ever marathon and, sharing the fruit of their heartfelt motivation with our office, inspiring more of us to join them next year.

Congratulations you two. And THANK YOU for possessing heart and soul and tenacity, and for the inspiration you shared!!

Let’s hear it for our Twelves!!