Thoughts on the Tooth Fairy

child-with-missing-tooth-e1405756958391The tooth fairy may send me into bankruptcy. Or, rather, trying to “keep up with the joneses” may make me destitute. Do you know how much she’s handing out for teeth these days? On average, $3.70 per tooth. Again, that’s on AVERAGE. And, it’s up a whopping 23% in the last year. I wish I had her job! I got a 4% raise and thought I was rolling in dough!

I only know how much the tooth fairy hands out because my son finally lost his first tooth a while back. Well, actually, Papa, Dr. Fabozzi, had to yank it because the adult teeth would not wait for the others to finally fall out. He was a big boy and barely winced. It felt like that tooth HAD to be worth more, right?

I asked around and you won’t believe the responses I got. Parents talked about putting $20 under the pillow. $20? REALLY!!?? I could finance his college education by the time he was done losing teeth. I was surely not going to give him $20. But, that presents another conundrum… when he went to school and talked to his classmates about how much his tooth fairy left, if it was a lot less, would that make him feel bad? How do you explain that? Your tooth fairy is cheap? I certainly didn’t want that. But, I also feared becoming one of those parents who tells her kids, “When I was your age I got a penny and loved it.” (I didn’t, my folks are very generous and kind).

What to do?

I consider myself a pretty creative person but I did not have time to sew a tooth pillow and write a letter and sprinkle it with fairy dust and get special items or coins. I settled on a $5 bill. But, now I wonder, do I have to do that for every tooth? Where does it end?

I’d love to know what you do and how you explain the tooth fairy differences. Feel free to comment below. I could use a little help!