Dental Technology

Dental-TechAt Fabozzi Dental, we believe in using the most innovative and least invasive dental technology. Using cutting edge technology and tools, we can diagnose our patients earlier and treat them more effectively. Patients experience increased comfort, safety, and success during high-tech dental procedures.

We are committed to creating a peaceful and warm environment here at Fabozzi Dental. Our doctors and team are both skilled and compassionate. They are happy to listen carefully to their patients’ needs and provide them with gentle and personalized care.

In addition to a talented and friendly dental team, we provide soothing patient amenities. We also have the latest technologies to make our patients’ visits as comfortable and efficient as possible.Come make yourself at home and take advantage of our dental technology today!

Oral Cancer Screenings

Early oral cancer treatment is far more effective than delayed treatment. The best way to beat oral cancer is by visiting our office for regular oral cancer screenings.

Our advanced oral cancer screenings utilize ultraviolet light to detect the earliest abnormalities. Using this technology, your doctor can pinpoint the source of the cancer before it spreads and becomes irreversible.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry offers endless benefits for our patients. Laser dentistry eliminates the need for frightening dental tools like the dental drill. Your laser procedure will be virtually painless! Many patients do not even require anesthesia to sit through a comfortable and smooth laser procedure.

Laser dentistry causes less trauma and reduces bleeding and swelling in comparison to traditional procedures. It leads to fewer appointments and shorter appointment times. Lasers also minimize healing time so that you can feel 100% better in no time.

We can minimize your time in the chair while we give you a comfortable dental experience. Come in and attain the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve always wanted! Call Fabozzi Dental today!