Complete Your Smile with Beautiful Dentures

DenturesIf you want to enjoy a confident and functional smile again, come ask our doctors about dentures. Our affordable dentures are strong, believable, and beautiful. They can be held in place by a traditional seal or with sturdy dental implants.

Doctors Fabozzi has treated many patients to seamless modern dentures. They design custom dentures that fit your facial shape and smile preferences.

Denture Methods

Our expert cosmetic dentist Dr. Fabozzi can help you decide between full, partial, traditional, and implant supported dentures. She will become familiar with your health and your personality so that she can create a replacement smile that works for you.

Choosing full or partial dentures will depend on how many of your teeth need replacement.

Full Dentures | Full dentures are used to replace all of the teeth. Teeth may fall out, or severe damage or decay may necessitate extraction. Your new smile can be stunning with a full set of flawless replacement teeth!
Partial Dentures | Partial dentures are used to replace several, but not all, of the teeth. If you have one or more healthy natural teeth, our dentists may suggest partial dentures. Partial dentures are crafted to effortlessly match your real teeth.

You may select traditional or implant supported dentures based on your preferences and your current health.

Traditional Dentures | Traditional dentures form a seal with the gums or are attached to any remaining natural teeth. This option is usually best for patients who have experienced advanced jawbone deterioration.
Implant Supported Dentures | Implant supported dentures are the most realistic way to replace missing teeth. These dentures are anchored by a few strategically placed dental implants. They will never slip or slide while you chew and speak.

At Fabozzi Dental, we will provide you with the personalized care you need before, during, and after your denture procedure. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have and help you determine which dentures will best meet your needs. Call us today at Fabozzi Dental!